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Title: Discord Server Directions
Post by: Otter on May 21, 2017, 07:14:14 PM
Here is our Discord Server (

We just added a bot that allows you to roll dice on the server.  Here are directions on doing that (

/r 1d8 + 4d6 - Roll one octahedron and four hexahedrons.

/r 1d20+5 # Grog attacks - Roll dice with a comment.

/r 2d6>=5 - Roll two hexahedrons and take only the ones that turned greater or equal to five (aka difficulty check). Prints the number of successes.

/r 4d6=5 - So can this guy roll five?

/r 3d10>=6f1 - oWoD roll: rolling one is a failure, rolling more failures than successes is a botch.

/r 4dF - Fudge/Fate dice.

/r 3d6! - Exploding dice.

/r 1d10!>9 - Explode nine and ten.

/r 1d20!1k1 - Roll twenty, reroll on one (because halflings are lucky).

/r 3d10!>=8 - nWoD roll: tens explode, eights and up are treated like a success.

/r 4d6k3 - Roll four hexahedrons and keep the highest three (D&D 5e ability roll).

/r repeat (4d6k3, 6) - Roll D&D 5e ability score six times (to generate a new character).

/r 2d20kl1 - Roll twice and keep the lowest roll (D&D 5e disadvantage).

//roll-dice3-sides999 - AOL syntax. Dice noir.

/r (2+2)^2 - Do math.

/r 4d6^2 - Do math with dice.