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It Lives!
« on: March 07, 2019, 04:58:39 PM »
Otter and I have tossed around a name of an old forum we used to run called every so often.  The site was a massive project of mine back in 2003 and it was VERY dear to my heart as I poured 6 years of my life and soul into it.  Otter came along and was one of the first to join and had spent SO much time on the forum and helped me out along the way when I wanted to bounce ideas off someone or just needed an extra pair of hands.  So much so that I asked her to be a co admin on the site to which she accepted. A few years later (after 6 years of running) I was forced to shut it down and burn it all to CD where it sat for many years.

The point of this?

Through sheer determination and lot of support tickets to our hosting company we have resurrected the old site.  It looks vastly different from the old site, but that's because the framework was just dead and could not be reclaimed.  What didn't die however was the threads and the basic thread structure.  We managed to import the threads from the old site (all 42k of them) into a vanilla forum and get it all running.  Things are missing, sure, but the topics and threads and index are still intact.  Feel free to take a moment and have a look around and heck, you can even post on it you so desire, but you'll have to register before posting. For the few that are with us now that started out on the old site, it's a trip down memory lane looking through the old games and general topics! Your ID's and profiles are still active.  Enjoy!!

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