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Enter: The Arena
« on: March 08, 2019, 10:23:15 AM »
Need a little more combat in your life??  I mean, c'mon, who doesn't??

Enter: The Arena.

The Arena is a new section of the forum (actually based on an old section of the RPGHQ that we'd forgotten about!!) where you can duel other players or put your skills to the test against NPCs and monsters.  Consider it the Yin to the RP Prompts Yang.  RP Prompts is for out-of-game RPing.  The Arena is for out-of-game fighting.

Make sure you know the rules, then throw down your gauntlet in the Challenges section.  Find one or more duelling partners, or request an NPC or monster fight.  Settle on the fight specifications (game system, level/XP amount, equipment limits, etc), and then roll for initiative in a post in the FIGHT! section.  There, you can battle back and forth until someone is defeated.  If you need someone to make a call on a rule, the admins are on standby as referees.  If you want to discuss an ongoing fight, do so from the stands in the Arena Stands.  And if you wanna talk strategy with other fighters, you can do that in the Combatant Lounge.

We highly encourage smack-talking--within reason of course.  There's a line between good trash talking and harassment, and we trust you guys to know the difference.

An additional forum section to accompany The Arena is also underway;  The PC Repository (PCR for short).  We're still working out the details on how to organize it, but here's the gist:  Members will be able to submit pre-made characters that other members can grab and use so they don't have to spend a bunch of time creating a character.  This will be a great option if you just wanna get right into combat for The Arena, but the PCR characters will not be limited to use in the Arena--they'll be free for anyone to use as NPCs, or even as their own player characters.  =)

For funsies, we are considering running a regular Combat Bracket (monthly or quarterly, need to figure out a good timeline still).  If you would like to volunteer as an Arena Referee or to help us brainstorm organization for the PC Repository, please contact Otter.

With the additions of The Combat Bracket and the PC Repository, we're also introducing 2 more ways to earn entries for the Loot Lottery!  Each member who submits 3 or more characters to the PC Repository for the month, and each winner of each Combat Bracket will get an entry!

So.  Pull out your old combat characters, dust off that armor and polish your swords.  We're done talking.

Draw.  Your.  Sword.

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Re: Enter: The Arena
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2019, 03:50:23 PM »
Just a note, the Arena is not limited to D&D.  You are free to use what system you know and like!
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