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Title: Inactive Member Management
Post by: Otter on April 03, 2017, 02:53:30 PM
Hey all,

We've been seeing an emerging theme as we get more members registering for the board.  A person will register, confirm their membership, and then... disappear.  No introductory post--no post at all, actually--and they never come back to the board.  We have been trying to send out emails when new games open up, as well as post open games on our Facebook page, but we want to try to avoid having an inaccurate membership count due to people who join and then never become active.

To be clear, we are NOT talking about people who register because they want to read our games.  There are a few lurkers who rarely post, but they visit the board regularly just to watch and read.  That's fine!  (Side note--in order to make sure our readers still log in, we have set our active games to be visible to members only.)  We are only addressing people who BOTH have less than 5 posts, and whose "Last Date Active" is over 30 days old.

In order to keep our board count as accurate as possible, we will be implementing a membership management process.  If you register for the forum, but you make less than 5 posts and you haven't visited the board in 30 days, your account will be deleted.  You will get an email reminder after 14 days of not having logged in.  You are always welcome to re-register if you do want to become active!  We are not banning these members!

If you registered but decided that this board isn't for you, no hard feelings.  You're welcome back if you change your mind!  If you do want to give us another go, we'd love to see you log in and say hello (!/).

If you registered and haven't come back because you haven't heard anything from us and forgot about us, you might want to check your email spam folder and your forum profile Notification Settings on the board itself.  You can subscribe to topics and threads, which means you can subscribe to the "Looking for Players" topic and get email notifications when someone posts a new game.  You can also Like our Facebook page--we post new games there pretty regularly.

Thanks everyone!!
The Irate Pirate Team