Author Topic: Vampire Game: A Request for the Admin Team  (Read 372 times)

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Vampire Game: A Request for the Admin Team
« on: August 08, 2017, 03:09:19 PM »
Hey Everyone,

The admin team would like to address a situation we’ve been running into in regards to the Vampire the Requiem game we are planning.  We are excited to put together a large-scale game that’s available to everyone on the Irate Pirate, but we also need to balance the work this takes with our day jobs and our other obligations.  We need to make tweaks to the system in order to make it work for everyone and for those of us running it.

The admin team made some decisions when we started putting the idea for this game together in regards to what we were comfortable with running and how much extra time it would require from us.  We have been getting a few requests to make exceptions to those initial decisions.  Because of how much time we've spent discussing whether or not to allow exceptions/to what extent/for just one person or for multiple people/etc, it has become more demanding of our time than we expected.

We are still happy to discuss exceptions to the boundaries we’ve laid, but we do want people to understand the reasoning for why we made those decisions in the first place.  If we say no to someone's idea, it's not because we don't like that person or not even because we don't like the idea--it's because it would be too much for us to handle sooner or later.  If we say no, our decision is final, and we really need that decision be respected.  We have been trying to be clear about our reasoning for saying no, so please keep that in mind for your next idea, too.  If we have to say no again for similar reasons, it sucks for you and us.

We want to say yes to your creative concepts!  We just ask that you try to keep it within the lines we, and the other players, are comfortable with, too.   :)
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