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Title: RP Help: What kinds of things can I write about for my character?
Post by: Otter on May 22, 2017, 11:26:51 AM
Let's say you are playing Fidget, a halfling rogue.  The DM has set up the scene as follows:

Your group is sitting around a table at a tavern.  It's night time, but all of the other tables are empty.  Nobody is in the tavern except you.  The innkeeper looks nervous as he brings you mugs of ale.  A little bit of ale spills over the side of the mugs because of how badly his hands are shaking.  He sets the tray down on your table and then scurries off.

What can you write about in your posts?

First, it helps to narrow down what *not* to post about.

Don't create new characters or items in the environment
Fidget looks at the painting of a knight standing over a slain dragon on the tavern wall and thinks about stealing it.
The DM might not want pictures on his tavern walls.  Maybe the tavern is too poor to afford art, or maybe they hold dragons in high regard.

Fidget calls over one of the barmaids.  "Hey sweetie, how late are you working tonight?"
This action assumes there aren't things the players aren't aware of that make that action impossible.  For example, maybe the innkeeper is the only person in town who hasn't been turned into a frog yet, so there can't be a barmaid here.

Don't write out another person's response
The clever halfling yells at the innkeeper as he scurries off.  "I want a discount on this ale, you clumsy lout!"  The innkeeper calls back, "Yes of course sir, I'm so sorry sir!" 
This is taking control out of the DM's hands again.  Maybe the town is cursed and nobody can talk, or maybe the innkeeper is just too afraid to say anything.

Fidget turns to his barbarian friend.  "Hey Brawno, want to go hunting with me tonight?"  "Sure," Bruno says.
This time Fidget is taking control away from another player in the game.  Ask the question, but let that player respond!

Here's a list of things you can do!

Describe what your character looks like
Fidget has curly, dark brown hair and big grey eyes.  A ragged pink scar cuts across his face.  He wears green leather armor and has a black cape.

Describe actions your character is taking/habits they have
He takes a copper piece and twirls it between the fingers of his left hand, over under, over under, over under.

Write about things your character is thinking
Man, I'm thirsty, Fidget thinks. I hope this beer doesn't taste like dirt.

Describe things your character senses that have already been established (sees, hears, smells, etc)  You can add if/then reactions, if you'd like!
Fidget smells the beer, hoping that it won't be too hoppy.  If it is, he turns his head away and coughs.  If it's not, then he takes a gulp!

Write about ways that your character initiates interaction with other people/things  Just make sure to let DM write about the reaction!
Fidget takes his dagger out and aims it at the innkeeper.  "You better give us a discount for spilling that ale!" he yells.
Title: Re: RP Help: What kinds of things can I write about for my character?
Post by: Hollerman on March 02, 2018, 04:02:06 AM
Great examples of what not to do, Otter. Really well explained, I needed that.
Title: Re: RP Help: What kinds of things can I write about for my character?
Post by: Otter on March 02, 2018, 08:52:53 AM
I'm glad to hear it was helpful.  =)  Let me know if there's anything else I can help with!