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I found this blog that, although it's aimed at D&D campaigns, really has some great ideas that could be applied to a wide swath of games.

The Role Playing Tips blog

Gonna throw this out as inspiration for boss fights!

"Moana" features the perfect boss encounter

Here is a neat website full of DM resources. Most of this stuff is descriptions of things like: Strange loot, dungeon rooms, doors, unusual creatures, etc. It can really take some of the heavy lifting off you when your players ask about a door you have written no description of.

If anyone needs help picking some random magic items with weak and strange properties is a good site. Most of the item properties are situational, some are decent. I have used the table it generates from to hand pick some interesting ones that might fit well with my players.


Great website with dozens of tools for DM's who need to do anything from generating an NPC or shop, to keeping a calendar of events in your world!


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