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Fool Seeking Other Fools
« on: May 05, 2017, 05:32:08 PM »
Hey heeey, junior Computer Science student here, found this place from the r/DnD reddit, I like pirates so thought I'd stick around for a bit!

Hey Mata, how long've you been playing tabletop RPG's?
    Well I'm glad you asked, I finally found some friends who knew D&D a couple years ago. Still getting the hang of it but I know my way around the PHB now! Some minor experience DMing, still have a lot to learn. Before that I've had a buncha years learning how to roleplay play-by-post on forums.

What systems do you know?
    I've only ever played Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition.

What systems/editions are you open to playing?
    I'd love to play D&D 5e because it's what I know, but I'd play anything so long as there's a need for players, it looks fun, and someone can teach me. Pathfinder looks fun because I like building characters, and I've had Fate, Star Wars, and BESM recommended to me.

How often are you available?
    Right now I could make one post every other day at my slowest, but it's also finals week, so I might have more free time over the summer. Let's keep it at 'one post every other day' for now!

What's your playing style?
    Still figuring this one out. I think I've found I like doing the talking, or at least some of it. I like playing people with unusual or thematic builds. I like to try and figure out creative ways to solve a problem, because everyone likes their turn in the spotlight, right? But I also want to try and support my team, so if we're indecisive and somebody commits to a course of action, you just gotta jump in right after them. Quicker that way too :P

Other notes
    So, there are actual pirates here, right? It's not just a name, right?
Mata is a he/him, yus

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Re: Fool Seeking Other Fools
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2017, 08:30:53 PM »

My Star Wars game is still looking for players :)

slowly tucks his pirate hat in the shadows Nope, no pirates around here >.> <.< >.>