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System: D&D 5E
Style: Mainly storytelling with a Magic: The Gathering theme
Players: 4-7
Starting Info: 3rd-level start with milestone-based level up
Skill Level: Low-to-moderate, DM tends to be fair and easygoing
Posting Expectations: Ideally every other day
Restrictions: Must use allowed options and reskins as listed in the provided campaign guide and Plane Shift PDFs
Notes: As DM, I put a lot of emphasis on story, so I encourage good roleplaying from every player. I've been told by my group's other DM that I am quite "fair", and I suppose he's right about that, as I don't seek to punish players with brutal challenges and near-impossible monster encounters, hence my aforementioned emphasis on story. Expect my campaign to be mainly focused on a fun experience rather than challenging gameplay.

Since this campaign is based on MTG, knowledge of its setting and characters is useful, but not strictly required. As such, this campaign will take place on a mixture of established and original planes, with a fair number of newly-devised characters. And the best part? Every PC is a Planeswalker, complete with their own individual origin and "first-walk" planes!
Joining Instructions: Post your interest in the campaign and say if you're definitely on-board. The first seven players to post will form the adventuring party, and will receive a copy of the available character options. If you need any help with making your characters, or with MTG lore, I am here to help.

i'm in

Please count me in, GeekyGamerZack, for I'm rather thrilled in seeing a DnD game through a MTG's Planewalker.  :D

I played mtg about 2 years ago then took a break though I still like it and I love 5e so I am interested in seeing how the 2 mix so count me in!

Sure, I'll bite.


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