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System: D&D 5E

Style: Social, investigation, combat

Players: 2-6

* @Civil_Armadillo (Xoroku)
* @Dawnbringer Boddin (Corfer)
* @tsintzask (Alberic)
* @Acetwinelf (Nym)
* @WorldWar92 (Aeson)
* Open Slot
Starting Info: Characters are PRE-MADE lvl3 characters (with backstories)!  I have a dozen to pick from, one of each class.

Skill level: Any

Posting expectations: Every other day

Restrictions: No custom characters.  Gotta pick a pre-made one, but I assure you, they're awesome!

Notes: This is a one-shot I put together for an upcoming event, so I thought I would run it here, as well.  It should be somewhat brief plot-wise, but it will probably take a while because there should be quite a bit of combat and combat can take a while in PbP.

Joining Instructions: Post that you're interested in joining and I'll send you the characters to pick from.

Iím interested in joining!

Great!  I'll send you the list of characters!

Hi! I'll take Xoroku. Thanks again for the invite!

He's yours!  I've added you to the roster.  =)


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