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A king deposed...
A princess missing...
A hero's soul asunder...
System: D&D 5E
Style: Storytelling, exploration and dungeon delving with a Zelda theme
Players: 5
Starting Info: 3rd-level start with milestone-based level up
Skill Level: Low-to-moderate, DM tends to be fair and easygoing
Posting Expectations: Ideally every other day
Restrictions: Must use allowed options and reskins as listed in the provided campaign guide
Notes: As DM, I put a lot of emphasis on story, so I encourage good roleplaying from every player. I've been told by my group's other DM that I am quite "fair", and I suppose he's right about that, as I don't seek to punish players with brutal challenges and near-impossible monster encounters, hence my aforementioned emphasis on story. Expect my campaign to be mainly focused on a fun experience rather than challenging gameplay.

In this campaign, five individuals from a multitude of Hyrulean races find their individual journeys intertwining, as their quest takes them to all corners of Hyrule. The rugged peak of Death Mountain...the crystal-clear waters of Lake Hylia...the mysterious, maze-like Lost Woods...the scorching sands of the Desert of Mystery...the isolated heights of the Talus Plateau...these and many more places hide the keys to a grand adventure in a land that is missing its greatest hero...

Confirmed Players:

What's this provided campaign guide? And since Hylian races don't appear in the PHB at all, what should we do for that?

The campaign guide has all the details that players may need to know about the campaign, including character creation rules and options. Speaking of which...

The allowed playable races are all reskins (and a couple of slight modifications) of ones featured in other sources including the Player's Handbook and Volo's Guide to Monsters.

@AzuraHerald881 has joined the campaign. :)

I am interested, but keep me in mind as a last-resort player. I'm playing in one and DMing one and I don't want to take up a slot for someone not already playing.


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