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System: D&D 4E
Style: Mix of political, mystery, and hack & slash

Players: 4-5
@rjbprime (DM & Mirela Pentecost, Vryloka Thief)
@BlazingFox (Ivy, Pixie Witch & Rune, Warforged Swordmage)
@DireKitten (Alyndra Moonsong, Elf Cleric & Tormiir Oakenjaw, Dwarf Ranger)
@GeekyGamerZack (Jorgert Lupin Moon, Human Cavalier & Getsuei Inarimi, Hengeyokai Elementalist)
[Open slot]
[Open slot]

Starting Info: My campaign guide, hosted on GMBinder (best opened in Google Chrome, due to code languages used), is located here. If you wish to join, please review this before applying.

Please follow instruction in Chapter 2 of the guide.

Skill level: Looking for people who are either new or old. Be aware in my campaign there are a couple house rules in effect.

Posting expectations: Every other day
Restrictions: no evil characters

Notes: I've DMed since the release of D&D4e, looking for people who are excited to post a few times a week! The story should be fun; lots of magic and mystery!
Joining Instructions: Post that you're interested in joining and PM me a character concept!

EDIT: Until we have other players join, I'll have all current players play two PCs.


Set in a homebrew world called The World Below uses the D&D4e Ruleset. Players begin in Mac Anu, and travel through Chaos Portals to the eponymous World Below, to search for treasure, artefacts, and the legendary Mother Lode.

I'll play

Anyone else taking up this offer?

I'll be closing this in a week, if no-one else joins.

Just as a heads up, @rjbprime , I've had decent luck posting on various forums on Reddit to promote the Irate Pirate.  I'm sure you could promote your specific game even more easily.  You might find more interested players that way.   ;D

I think part of the problem is that the active members of the Irate Pirate are at (or near to) their game saturation level and can't really join any further games.

You're also welcome to post about your game on our Facebook page.


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