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Hello, I'm hoping to find players/run this game, it's been in the back of my mind for a couple of years.

System: Star Wars D6 REUP
Style: A mix, expect some political shenanigans and lots of turbolasers and proton torpedoes.
Players: 3-6
Starting Info: Standard Starting plus a few extras(will detail below)
Skill Level: Some knowledge of Star Wars,
Posting Expectations: Every other day
Restrictions: Humans or Near-Humans, Droids, no aliens
Notes: I've DM'd Star Wars in all of it's interations.
Joining Instructions: Post your character here
edit: Because I forgot to add this originally, it will be set a year prior to the events of Episode IV


The PCs are members of the Imperial Navy, but somehow you've managed to get yourselves in a small speck of trouble. Not enought that a Court Martial or Summary Execution is warranted, but possibly career-ending. Each of your characters receives a message packet,

                Imperial Communiqué 110450

(Name and Rank) is hereby ordered to report to Commander, Eriadu immediately, for reassignment to To Be Determined By Commander, Eriadu.

Servicemember is authorized travel expenses at the standard rate, and will retain current rank and rate or accept promotion as needed to fill organizational chart.

Servicemember is authorized and required to bring one (1) regulation travel bag(s), or "go-bag(s)," to include uniforms and personal effects.

Leave immediately.

I'm hoping for something along the lines of Down Periscope, A-team, every other Ragtag bunch of military misfits.

Angel Entropy:
Hi I'd love to join but I'm new to the Star Wars D6 system but I'm familiar with the D6 system in general.  Will that be OK?

Also for equipment - what do we start with?

That is perfectly fine.

Equipment wise: If you pick a Template, it has a list of equipment and credits that it comes with. If you make a template, use the follwing.

Blaster Pistol, Imperial Navy Uniform, Datapad, Code Cylinder, Comlink, 1,000 credits

Angel Entropy:
Can we use advantages/disadvantages in creating the character or is that non-standard?

yes, but keep it within reason for a member of the Imperial Navy


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