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Oh, and what do you guys think about rolling randomly to determine the scale colour of the kobolds in our clan? There's a table for this in Volo's:

d100    Scale Colour

* Patterend: roll two colours and a pattern type:

d20      Scale Pattern

If we're all partial to a specific colour/pattern of course we could just choose that. I'm not at all picky, though, so interested to hear what you guys think.
Well, I think it's very Koboldy to try to do a little of both. Captives are always useful, and we can always execute them anyway if we decide we have too many, they prove untrustworthy, or we can't find a better use for them. Killing is just very efficient, though.

I think it's wise to put the capture-style traps around the perimeter of the den. Nets, pitfalls, snares, and any of the whacky stuff that our trapsmiths might want to test out for science.

But closer to our actual living space and last defenses we should be utterly cutthroat. Falling rocks, giant scythe blades, falling rocks with alchemist's fire, hails of poison arrows, pit traps with falling rocks, pit traps with falling rocks with alchemist's fire, etc. :P

My character, Krinn, personally prefers whatever is most efficient in defending the homestead; however, he'll lean towards methods that might leave, say, a wizard's spellbook unharmed.

N-E kobold dragon cultist warlock 3

AC: 14 | HP: 24 (3d8+6) | Speed: 30'

Str 8 | Dex 16 | Con 14 | Int 12 | Wis 10 | Cha 14

Armor: light
Weapons: simple
Saves: charisma, wisdom
Skills: arcana, deception, performance, religion
Tools: dragon chess set
Languages: common, draconic, sylvan

Otherworldly Patron: Nathair Sgiathach
Invocations: Agonizing Blast, Book of Ancient Secrets
Background: Commune With Dragons

Cantrips: eldritch blast, minor illusion
Spells Known: armor of agathys, faerie fire, mirror image, misty step
Spell Slots: 2/day | 2nd level | DC 12

Cantrips: guidance, mold earth, thaumaturgy
Rituals: alarm, find familiar

light crossbow and 20 bolts, arcane focus (crystal staff), dungeoneer's pack, leather armor, 3 daggers, dragontooth dagger, dragon chess set, crocodile leather robe, augury kit, Nak Nak (lizard familiar).

Personality: I hate being questioned or doubted, and find ways to punish those who would dare.
Ideals: Obligation. Even if I'm a fraud, I should still do what I can to help the clan.
Bonds: I've tangled myself up in a web of my own lies.
Flaws: I'm profoundly lazy and will take risks to avoid physical labour or injury.

Clan elders still tell stories of Krimm the Longtail, a wise and mighty kobold blessed with the blood of dragons in his veins. Though Krimm never achieved complete ascension to true draconic form as he so desired, he was a potent arcanist who used his blood magic and communion with ancient dragon spirits to defend the clan and lead it to greatness.

It is widely believed among kobolds that worthy individiuals are reborn within the clan, and so when Krimm eventually died of old age, the next egg laid was immediately separated from the clutch, marked with sacred runes, and carefully nurtured until it hatched. The whelp that emerged was named Krinn in his esteemed predecessor's honour, and was groomed for an eventual leadership role within the clan.

What no one could have known was that Krinn was, in fact, an absolutely ordinary kobold: fairly average in most respects, utterly devoid of magical gifts, and certainly not destined for anything special.

Fortunately for him, Krinn was the first to realize he was a fraud - a secret he quickly decided to keep all to himself. You see, life in the clan can be difficult, with a lot of boring, exhausting, or even dangerous duties to go around; the the duties of an esteemed dragon cultist, on the other hand, are comparatively cushy. Once a day he consults his augury kit (nothing more than a loose collection of dragons teeth and scales he's decorated with made-up symbols), makes some vague gestures and mutters some made-up words, then pretends to see something interesting and meaningful in it all. The clan will often ask for some of his wisdom before making important decisions, and he'll share his opinion when he has one, or respond with some kind of baffling koan when he doesn't. Whenever the clan found itself in need of more hunters or able-bodied warriors, however, they always seem to find Krinn deep in meditation, in communion with "ancient dragon spirits", or in the middle of a delicate, sacred ritual that under no circumstances can be interrupted.

At least, it was that easy to start. Eventually his fellow clansmen began to doubt his abilities and question his lack of progress in the arcane arts - and rightfully so! Krinn had developed a talent for obfuscation and distraction, but true magical powers were much harder to fake.

Desperate to maintain his position of comfort and respect within the clan, Krinn tried everything he could to procure even the slightest measure of arcane power. He tried his hand at alchemy, he tried reciting made-up magical words and gestures, and he tried praying to Kurtulmak and to Tiamat for aid, for mercy! Why once he even tried sincerely calling out to the ancient dragon spirits. At his lowest point he opened himself up to any power in the universe that would take pity on a poor little charlatan.

And someone answered.

No, not Kurtulmak, Tiamat, nor the ancient dragon spirits, if such things even exist. Of all possible entities it was an archfey who offered Krinn a portion of his magic. And though fey are a hated enemy of the clan, and surely there would be other strings attached, Krinn was in no position to argue. He swore an oath to Nathair Sgiathach, the fey diety of mischief, and just like that, the power was his at last.

Krinn is still getting the hang of his borrowed magic, but passing it off as his "bloodright as a descendent of true and mighty dragons" is second nature. Power, he's beginning to learn, can also be seductive, and there are times when Krinn wonders if he could actually be a halfway decent leader some day - maybe he could even find a way to ascend to dragon form for real, and wouldn't that be a sight! But those are thoughts for another day...
[5E] Defending The Dungeon / Re: The [Name to be determined] Clan
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So here is something to think about. Do we focus on killing or capturing invaders.
Killing we focus on death traps, spiked pit falls, poison darts, etc
Capturing, sleep darts, net traps, pit traps and nonlethal combat.
Pros and cons of both. Killing. Pro: easier to defend dungeon. Con:less valuable to some people and monsters.
Capturing. Pros: slaves, can be sold or traded to monsters or slavers for service or profit (fiends for their souls, monsters for their live dinners, some undead for their souls, slavers for their service.) Can be used to breed more kobolds. (possibly) Cons: harder to defend dungeon.
I personally lean on the side of focusing our efforts on capture because the rewards could be pretty great. Also I like the idea of having different monsters serving as traps and minions and this is the easiest way for that to happen. What do y'all think we should focus on?
If you haven't noticed, the topic and has been moved to a regular gaming topic. I created a few threads in the topic for various discussions. Tonight I should have some rules in place for constructing your dungeon, so until then you can focus on making character sheets and deciding some basics about the clan (clan name, scale color, symbol if you want.)
[5E] Defending The Dungeon / The [Name to be determined] Clan
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Here is a thread for clan business, such as picking a clan name, deciding on your scale color, and building your dungeon (I hope to have some basic rules for constructing an underground lair pounded out by tonight).
[5E] Defending The Dungeon / OOC Discussion
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Just a catch-all thread for discussing things out of character (both about the game and about anything else)
[5E] Defending The Dungeon / Character Sheets and Backstories
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Please make a post in this thread with your character sheet and general background information. You may edit and make changes as you need to.
Yep, those look like the stats from Volo's. The passages about Kobold culture and stuff like that from Volo's is worth a read if you can get a peek at the book sometime, though.
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