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Looking For Players / Re: [D&D 5E] The Legend of Zelda: The Hero Shards [0/5|5]
« Last post by nathanw13 on July 12, 2018, 07:32:28 PM »
I am interested, but keep me in mind as a last-resort player. I'm playing in one and DMing one and I don't want to take up a slot for someone not already playing.
@AzuraHerald881 has joined the campaign. :)
The campaign guide has all the details that players may need to know about the campaign, including character creation rules and options. Speaking of which...

The allowed playable races are all reskins (and a couple of slight modifications) of ones featured in other sources including the Player's Handbook and Volo's Guide to Monsters.
Game System Resources / How To Be A Great Game Master
« Last post by Indigo on July 12, 2018, 02:53:41 PM »
So I stumbled on this video series and I found it to be really good and very informative for DM's both novice and veterans! It really dives into great tips to step up the game and really make it enjoyable for everyone including the GM!  Check it out if you get a chance.
Looking For Players / Re: [D&D 5E] The Legend of Zelda: The Hero Shards [0/5|5]
« Last post by Yurisei on July 12, 2018, 09:43:27 AM »
What's this provided campaign guide? And since Hylian races don't appear in the PHB at all, what should we do for that?
A king deposed...
A princess missing...
A hero's soul asunder...

System: D&D 5E
Style: Storytelling, exploration and dungeon delving with a Zelda theme
Players: 5
Starting Info: 3rd-level start with milestone-based level up
Skill Level: Low-to-moderate, DM tends to be fair and easygoing
Posting Expectations: Ideally every other day
Restrictions: Must use allowed options and reskins as listed in the provided campaign guide
Notes: As DM, I put a lot of emphasis on story, so I encourage good roleplaying from every player. I've been told by my group's other DM that I am quite "fair", and I suppose he's right about that, as I don't seek to punish players with brutal challenges and near-impossible monster encounters, hence my aforementioned emphasis on story. Expect my campaign to be mainly focused on a fun experience rather than challenging gameplay.

In this campaign, five individuals from a multitude of Hyrulean races find their individual journeys intertwining, as their quest takes them to all corners of Hyrule. The rugged peak of Death Mountain...the crystal-clear waters of Lake Hylia...the mysterious, maze-like Lost Woods...the scorching sands of the Desert of Mystery...the isolated heights of the Talus Plateau...these and many more places hide the keys to a grand adventure in a land that is missing its greatest hero...

Confirmed Players:
Hi! I'd have about 2 years of experience with tabletop RPGs. I'd like to play in a low-fatasy/pseudo-historical 3.5e campaign either in the viking age or any period of the middle ages, Legend of the 5 rings, or the Great Pendragon Campaign.
Game System Resources / Re: Buy Monsters, Fight Monsters
« Last post by Otter on June 26, 2018, 03:20:53 PM »
As someone who has many loved ones in my life who struggle with depression, I'd like to add;

Game System Resources / Buy Monsters, Fight Monsters
« Last post by nathanw13 on June 26, 2018, 01:41:02 PM »

I have depression.

I fight with it, live with it, struggle with it, snuggle with it, overcome it, embrace it, come to terms with it.

All of the above. I've gotten pretty good at dealing with it. I'd say mine is pretty mild all things considered; some relatively tame meds and personally managed therapy (read: having a drink or two, having quiet time to myself, enjoying a stogie, etc..) and I'm good.

Not everybody can manage it as well, and lots of people have more severe circumstances to deal with - making it harder to get out. Some take the 'easy way out'.

There seems to be a trend of it lately in celebrity - fame catches up with people and they just can't handle it, or maybe they were unstable in the first place and the pressures of fame made it worse. I don't know.

Either way, it's a fight. Which brings me back to why I'm telling you all this. A year ago today, depression took a life that I'm sure most of you have never heard of. I know I hadn't until today. He wasn't famous. Just another name on the book. But he was a brother. His brother spent the next year digging into the disease, and also pouring himself into the hobby that his brother introduced him to - D&D. He is working with a company called Limitless Adventures. They're a great resource for 3rd party material, and I've seen them help out budding GMs on reddit many times.

He has released a resource book called 'No Assembly Required'. This contains 10 monsters, rich with lore, their own richly developed motivations, and fully developed stat blocks. It also includes a new spell and 2 new magic items that will add depth to your campaign world.

He/they are offering this resource as a downloadable PDF for $5.00 currently, and all proceeds from its sale will go to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention - an A rated charity on

I've already downloaded it - it comes in both full color and a print friendly format - and I'm blown away by the amount of story that went into each of these creatures, and the added notes that go into the developers thought process.

You can read more about Michael (the author) and the development of this resource:

Buy/download the module here:

If you'd like to donate but aren't interested in the (awesome) monsters, you can do so here:

And lastly, you can check out The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention here:

Thanks for checking this out. If you are struggling with depression, feel free to hit me up in chat anytime I'm here. I'd love to talk. If you're not ready to talk to me; please, talk to someone. You're worth talking to.

Suicide Prevention Hotline - 1-800-273-8255
Text 741741 for the Crisis Prevention Textline
Announcements / Calling all GMs!
« Last post by nathanw13 on June 25, 2018, 07:48:21 AM »
Hi guys and girls!

I’d like to address our budding GMs for a minute. We seem to have a rare issue on The Irate Pirate at the moment – we have more GMs than we have players. IMHO, that’s generally an awesome problem to have – unless you’re an aspiring Gm just itching to unleash your story to a group of starry-eyed players.

You may have noted that we’ve been promoting on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit; we’ve been increasing those efforts recently in a real push to drive traffic to the site. But we’re limited in how frequently we can post to certain social media – especially Reddit.
That’s where we’d like to ask for your help, dear GMs. If you’re game, make a Reddit account and go to - that’s the ‘Looking for game’ subreddit. It’s for all game systems. You can start a new thread there talking about your game here on the site, and provide a link back to The Pirate. They have some rules on how you should format a post – I’ll help you here, but if you have questions once you get to the subreddit they’ll be glad to help you out. Or you can message me or Otter to help you out!

Post format – Your post will have to have a title with a brief explanation of what type of game it is. All of our games are online and Play by Post, so your format will look more or less like this:
[Online][PBP][Game System][Looking for players]
All you really need to do most of the time is plug in the system name and you’re good for the title – 5E, 4E, Sprawl, Fate…

The text of your thread there should be similar to your recruiting post here, but can be abbreviated. Include a link to your ‘Looking for players’ thread on Pirate (This is important! Link to your recruitment thread, not to the Pirate homepage. Linking to our homepage could be viewed as promotion, and might run afoul of their rules.) and they’ll be able to join the site and your game!

We’re working to put more eyes on the site, and appreciate your help in doing the same!

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