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Noel!  You are playing the Human Fighter, Brailey!

Here are her basic numbers:

Combat statistics:

Initiative: +2

Speed: 30ft

Armor Class: 16

Strength: 17 (+3)
Dexterity: 14 (+2)

Basic Sword
   Attack:  1d20+6
   Damage: 1d6+3

Crossbow (80 ft range)
   Attack: 1d20+2
   Damage: 1d4

Healing Potion  1d8+2

So!  Brailey has found herself facing a Goblin fighter!!

The first thing you do in combat is called "Rolling for Initiative"

This is very easy.  You will roll a 20 sided die (aka a d20) and add your initiative modifier to it.

Since your initiative modifier is +2, you will type out "1d20+2" and put the [roll] brackets around it, either typing it out (don't forget the "/" slash on the second one!) or using the die icon above the reply box!

When you hit submit, a number will be displayed!

The Goblin Fighter's initiative modifier is only +1, so he will roll


Rolled 1d20+1 : 17 + 1, total 18

Rolled 1d20+2 : 2 + 2, total 4

Okay!  So, the Goblin attacks first!!

He has to roll an attack and beat your Armor Class number of 16.

Here we go!!

His rusty axe rolls a 1d20+1.

Rolled 1d20+1 : 4 + 1, total 5

And he whiffs!!

Your turn!  You get to chose a weapon and make a roll!

You can either roll your attack roll first to see if it hits, or, to avoid a potential second post, you can roll your damage just in case.  If you don't hit, we'll just ignore it.

The format would look like this:

{Weapon Attack} 1d20 {Weapon Damage} 1d8

So just replace "Weapon" with the name of the weapon you chose, change the 1d20 and 1d8 numbers to the appropriate numbers for your weapon, and surround that whole thing with the [roll] brackets!


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