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Backstory Workshop [Part 0]: Building a Better Backstory
« : February 19, 2019, 10:42:33 AM »
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: Disclaimer •
We will be using a good deal of D&D 5E terminology in this discussion, partly because it is one of the most common tabletop RPGs, and because they did a great job in coming up with a great way to generate quick but robust backstories with 5E. Most of the implementation is translatable to any tabletop system.

Writing a good backstory is hard, even when youíre good at it. Hashing out the math for buying all the skills and feats feels like the easy part. Besides, crafting backstories can be time consuming, and you just want to get to playing! It is so easy to skimp on (or skip!) the personality and history for a character and just go with something easy.

Sometimes this is just because you donít know where to start, or where to go. If you want to improve at your backstory game, if you feel like you just need some guidance, well friends, youíre in the right place.

Part 0: The Introduction <-- You Are Here
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