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Backstory Workshop [Part 5]: Expert Mode Epics
« : February 19, 2019, 11:52:53 AM »
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‘Expert Mode’ Epics
The Happy backstory
If you want a really challenging backstory, this is a great place to start from. It’s easy to give a tabletop character a tragic story that compels them to adventure, and that kind of reasoning makes a lot of sense. But what about the adventurers who just wanted to see the world? Maybe they’re excitedly searching for an item or an heirloom. Maybe they were called to adventure by a greater power. Maybe they signed on to a get-rich-quick scheme!

Do they genuinely miss their family and send letters back and forth? Maybe they are afraid of taking too great of risks because they don’t have nothing to lose. This kind of character can inspire some fantastic downtime campfire discussions. “Hey Winkle, I know you love charging in to battles in a rage, but can you try to be a little more careful? I don’t want to get sent home to my parents in an urn…”

Avoid Min-Maxing
Min-maxing is the art of making your character AMAZINGLY GOOD at the stuff they are good at, and AMAZINGLY BAD at everything else. In my personal experience, the most memorable characters I have ever played and seen played were characters that were not min-maxed.

So why is this important for a backstory? Well, there is usually a specific build path to make a min-maxed character. A cleric of a certain deity. A fighter with a certain weapon. A wizard with a certain type of spell specialty. You get the idea. If you don’t min-max, you uncuff yourself from the “ideal” build path and you open yourself up to vastly wider backstory potential.

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