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Backstory Workshop [Part 6]: Bullet-Point Backstory
« : February 19, 2019, 11:57:06 AM »
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Bullet Point Backstory
Here’s a quick bullet list for building some complexity into your character.

Don’t forget the #1 Rule, and don’t forget to provide in-game purpose to your backstory.
  • Pick a concept or theme for your character. Consider unusual combinations!
    • Bubbly CEO, Grumpy Healer, Gossipy Scout, Emotional Soldier, etc
  • Come up with their “bonds”
    • D&D 5E offers suggestions based on your chosen Backstory, but you can invent new ones!
    • Who do they care about?
    • Who cares about them? (Everyone forgets this one.)
    • What places are they attached to?
    • What favors do they owe?
  • Memories
    • What are a few stories your character loves retelling?
    • List some character-defining moments your character remembers
    • What about your character’s biggest moment of embarrassment?
  • Goals/motivations
    • What is your character trying to do right now?
    • Why? What is their longer-term goal?

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