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Forum rules
« : February 21, 2017, 12:57:25 PM »
Irate Pirate is a privately-owned forum that welcomes gamers as guests for friendly discussion and gaming. We strive for a friendly environment which creates camaraderie and a comfortable gaming environment. To ensure this, we ask that you assist us by observing the basic guidelines for this forum.

* While we DO allow members to have multiple accounts for individual games, please try to log into each account at least once in awhile and maintain them as we will be doing regular maintenance which will include periodic deletion of inactive accounts.  A clean database is a fast database!

* Be a courteous member of the forum. Trolling, edition warring and otherwise sabotaging the peace of a game or topic damages the quality of discussion and is not acceptable. Being “right” is not an excuse to engage in behaviour that degrades the Irate Pirate experience.

* Do not make attacks against other gamers. Challenging arguments and ideas is fine, but not attacking the people holding them. This includes attacks on an individual poster or groups. Racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic posts will not be tolerated.

* Your posts should contribute to discussion. Post in the appropriate forum. Do not post on the current banned topics. Do not make posts empty of content (links without comment, “+1” etc.).

* Do not post anything illegal under U.S. law, or encourage others to break U.S. laws or the laws of their country of residence.

* Do not post or link to pornography or any form of inappropriate explicit sexual content.

* No spam, flooding, advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or solicitations.

* Do not promote, advertise, or otherwise call attention to your site, blog, product, or business unless it is directly related to the board in some way (a D&D project, a role-playing blog, etc).  If that is the case, you may post about it once a month under the OOC section.  Do not put links in your signature.

* Respect the privacy of your fellow gamers. Do not post emails or private messages without explicit written permission of all those involved. Do not use any posts or part of posts from these forums for commercial purposes without the express permission of each person involved.

* Do not share your account with anyone, as you will be held responsible for all posts made by your account. Do not impersonate other users, past or present.

* Do not ask for medical, legal or other professional advice. Do not request emergency crisis counseling or solicit personal financial donations.

* If you see something you find offensive, disrespectful, or distasteful, please let Indigo or Otter know and we will address it asap!

We operate on a moderation system based on points.  In the unlikely event we need to take any action against a post or actions of someone, we will issue a warning which will be worth 10 points each.  So for example:
1st warning  = 10pts
2nd warning = 20pts

Points are automatically reduced by 1 point per day.  Accumulation of 50 points will result in a 3 day suspension of all accounts held by member and an accumulation of 100 points will result in a permanent ban of all accounts held by member.

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