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Frequently Asked Questions
« : March 15, 2017, 11:35:49 AM »
This will be updated as needed!

Game Questions
I've never done Play-By-Post before.  How do I do this?
It works very similarly to the way you'd play sitting around a table, but instead of verbally telling everyone what you're doing or saying, you write it out.  The easiest way to understand how Play-by-Post works is actually to look at an ongoing game.

We wrote more about it in our "What on Earth is Play-By-Post Roleplaying?" thread.  We are also happy to do a short practice session with you in our RP Tutorial section, so feel free to post there!

How do I join a game?  Do I need to qualify in some way?
You can join any game that you are interested in and that you meet the Game Master's qualifications for.  Some GMs are open to brand new players who have never played that system before, and some might be looking for people with a bit more knowledge of the game.  You can request to join a game as soon as you're registered on the board, there is no waiting period.

Do I need to do anything before I can start my own game?
Nope!  You're welcome to put up a post on the "Looking for Group" section as soon as you'd like.  We won't move it to the Active Games section until you have met your minimum number of players.

What are the RP Prompts?
RP Prompts are basically free-style writing practice.  One person comes up with an idea--it can be as stereotypical or wacky as you like--and then other people can join in on the writing exercise.  There are a few writing prompts up, and there's more explanation of it in our "How to Write & Respond to RP Prompts" thread.

How many games can I be in and/or running at a time?
As many as you can handle.  We only ask that you really consider everyone else that might be affected when you take on more games.  It's unfair to your fellow players to take on too much at one time and leave everyone in else waiting.  If you do find yourself in such a position, consider dropping one of your games.

What happens if I can't post for a while? Like I'm sick or on vacation?
Do your best to let your DM know.  You can Private Message your DM or post in an Out Of Character thread.  Your DM can work with you on options--they might have your character split off from the party in-game, or they might offer to play your character for you while you're gone.  You can work out something you're comfortable with.

Playing Questions
What is a DM or GM?  What is a PC and an NPC?
DM is short for Dungeon Master, and GM is short for Game Master.  They're used interchangeably, but they might be more commonly used in certain games than others.

PC means Player Character--a character played by a player.  NPC is Non-Player Character, and that's a person in a game that is run by the DM instead of a player.  If you've ever played a videogame, every character besides the one you are playing would be an NPC.

What if I have a general question game rules that my GM doesn't know the answer to or something?
We have a section where players can pose any questions they have about any game, and we'll do our best to find answers for you.  Check out the Game Questions section!

How do I use the Dice Rolling tool?
See our Using the Dice Rolling Tool post!

The Dice Rolling tool doesn't have a function I need for my game!!
The person who designed the tool actually just put up a place on GitHub where you can make requests!!

Here's how, and here's where!

Forum Promotion Questions
I love you guys!  How do I help promote the forum?
Here's what to do if you found us on Reddit.
If you found us elsewhere, help us by letting us know how!  What did we say that actually got you to check us out?  Do you know any other places we could promote our forum?

I want to promote my own thing on your forum!
We haven't run into anyone with this desire yet, so talk to one of the Forum Administrators and we can discuss options.

Website Function Questions
What is the dice roll noise I hear when I open or refresh an Irate-Pirate page?
This is part of the notification system.  See "What is this Notification System?" below!

What are the number and icon next to "Hello Username" at the top of the page for?
This is part of the notification system.  See "What is this Notification System?" below!

What is this Notification System?
Our board offers a notification system for new forum posts, new responses to subscribed posts, Private Messages, and User Mentions.

If you have a new notification, you'll hear a dice roll noise when you open or refresh an IPF page.  (The noise will stop if you click on the alert icon to see the new notification/s.  You can also turn it off in your Profile|Alerts|Alert Settings)

If you have new notifications, the number of new notifications will be displayed between your username and the icon.  If you click the icon next to that number, it will expand and show you what the notifications are for.  The notification will disappear if you visit that page/read that message.

You can change your notification settings in your profile settings.  Click on "Profile" on the main menu bar, and then you'll want to navigate to "Profile Info"-->"Alerts"-->"Alerts Settings".  You can change what you get alerts for there!

How do you turn off the dice sounds for the chat system?
There's a gear icon on the top right of the Chat and Chat Room containers. Click that, and uncheck "Chat (or Chat Room) Sounds"!

How do I mention another user?  Why would I want to do that?
See our Using the Mentions Tool post!
Mentioning a user will send them a notification.  Maybe they haven't responded in a while and you want to get their attention, or there are a lot of people in a thread and you want to respond to specific people.  This is a convenient way to let them know you're responding directly to them!

I don't want to have to check the board every day for new posts--can I get email notifications?
You sure can!  Starting at your main menu bar, navigate to: Profile-->Modify Profile-->Notifications.  Here you'll find options for how you get email notifications and what you get them for!

How can I change how many posts are displayed on one page?
Starting at your main menu bar, navigate to: Profile, Modify Profile, Look and Layout. At the bottom there are settings for the default displays for various sections of the board (forums, PMs etc).

I don't post here anymore and I'm sick of your forum emails. How do I stop getting them?
We get it.  This play style isn't for everyone.  But, PLEASE either modify your subscription preferences or delete your account (instructions below) instead of just changing your email to a fake one to stop getting our emails.

How do I delete my account?
If you'd like to delete your account, you can find the link under your profile.  You can find it under the "Actions" section.  It will ask you to enter your password again to confirm the deletion of your account.
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