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Experienced roleplayer looking for game!
« : January 23, 2019, 01:00:58 PM »
Hi there!  I'm hoping to find a quality PBP roleplaying experience. I play in one real-time online group and GM another offline group, but neither is particularly roleplay-focused.  I'm looking for the type of setup you have here because 1) I don't have big blocks of time in my schedule to devote to another real-time group and 2) I like having a little bit of time to think about my responses. 

As for the guidelines:

How long I've been playing TTRPGs: If you really want to get down to it, I guess for about 35 years? I played AD&D (1E, 2E) through college and a bit into grad school, went on a long hiatus where I was playing online text-only RPGs exclusively, and then started TT gaming again 5 or so years ago.

Systems: My recent experience is with Pathfinder.

Systems Open To Playing: Any, if you don't mind a bit of a newbie.

Availability: I can certainly post once a day regularly.  I can often do more, if warranted.

Playing Style: I've played and enjoyed everything.  I like to make characters to fit within plots, and hang the class/mechanics on the background. 

Other Notes: I enjoy fantasy (epic, modern, you name it), sci-fi, political (I love me some good political intrigue), most anything really. Being a veteran of online text-only RPGs, I try to give plenty of detail in my posts, but make sure to give others something to react to, rather than just loading up on flowery prose.

Thanks for reading!