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: [AiME (5e OGL)] The Darkening of Mirkwood [0/5 | 3]
: Ramis00 March 03, 2020, 12:34:13 PM
Game System Adventures in Middle Earth (5e OGL) - D&D 5e
Game Style Roleplay heavy, exploration.

Player Skill Expectations I expect a decent knowledge of basic 5th Edition rules. With regards to the additional Adventures in Middle Earth rules I donít expect you to know too much of them (though if you do itís a plus) and Iíll be happy to explain those rules as we use them.
Starting Character Information Level 1
Posting Expectations Weekly but if everyone is posting quick enough, I donít mind going quicker.
Restrictions - Tolkienís world is very much one where Good & Evil exists, the game presumes that the heroes are good hearted and dedicated to fighting Sauron and the forces of the Shadow, so no evil characters, neutrals who may not be dedicated to fighting evil but are dedicated to saving/protecting their loved ones are acceptable.
- Surprisingly Tolkien (for the father of modern fantasy) has a pretty low magic world. As such AiME does not have magic users as player characters.

This will be my first time DMíing through PbP and my first time DMíing AiME, though I have DMíd 5E in person practically since it was released. Bear with me through learning hiccups and Iíll help guide you through any that you have.

This campaign will be set 5 years after the end of the Hobbit, well before the beginning of LotR. Your characters will be adventurers in the lands of Rhovanion, Mirkwood, Dale, and Erebor (though they can hail from anywhere) who may be the ones to help turn the tide against the Shadow in these lands.

5 years after the Hobbit, King Bard of Dale calls adventurers of all stripes towards Laketown, to celebrate the defeat of the Dragon, the rebounding of Dale, and the rebuilding of Laketown. There is peace in the North, and uneasy beginnings of interaction between the free peoples of Mirkwood, Rhovanion, Laketown, Dale, and Erebor - a hint of what Middle Earth could be without Sauronís dark touch. But Sauronís power is on the rise and this peace is threatened by it. You step into this world with the power to save it, or at least to stem the tide.

If youíre interested please post here and PM me if you donít have a copy of the Adventures in Middle Earth playerís guide so I can help you.
: Re: [AiME (5e OGL)] The Darkening of Mirkwood [0/5 | 3]
: Harbinger March 06, 2020, 06:24:49 PM
This sounds like a fun game! Count me in!