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Announcements / Weíre Retiring the Irate Pirate forums
«  Otter October 21, 2020, 10:44:35 AM »

Itís been a fun ride.

Unfortunately, we just canít justify the costs of keeping the forum up and running. Both HypoLuxa and I had real-life stuff kind of consume our time and energy reserves in the past year. Our beloved forum has taken a deep dive downward on our priority lists, and the Irate Pirate has suffered for it.

And, real talk...? It kind of feels (to us, at least) like the era of Play-By-Post on a dedicated forum is ending. Discord, Roll20, and other fantastic tools are commonly used to the same or better effect.

The forum chat tool is coming up for renewal next month. This spawned a discussion on whether to renew the entire forum next year, and weíve decided to let it expire.

Date-wise, our Chat function will walk the plank next month, November 15th. Site-wise, our hosting plan expires next year, Jun 16, 2021.

If you have any games youíd like to save, we encourage you to do so before then.

That said...

We have made some fantastic friendships on this forum, and we donít want to completely lose touch with all of you.

And... what was it we just said about Discord being a good platform?

...and Discord servers are free?

(Yeah we already made one.)

Hereís a standing invite: https://discord.gg/BE6T2tf

If you would just like to come poke around for a hot minute with a temporary membership, you can use this link instead: https://discord.gg/mbpFSYZ

If you want to continue (or start) any games on the Discord server, we already have a category set up for games, so just put in a request there. Otherwise, feel free to join us for general banter, game talk, and (of course) memes.

Itís been a good ride. Thank you so much for coming along with us. We hope to see you all on the Discord server.

Rachel & Steve
Quick revision regarding my guide, now includes fixed alignment system.
Guides been updated. Hadn't realised that the Firearms rules I had linked to in the guide where no longer available on the relevant site. So, they have been substituted with different ones.

Using this guide @ Google Drive, PCs have access to Firearms Proficiencies in the following table, using Primitive Firearms only. The campaign will be ignoring the Misfire optional rule, as it unnecessarily complicates the game. Prices for the Primitive Firearms are the same as in that guide. Ammo is destroyed on use, need black powder to fire, as well as ammo.

Artificers & Clericssidearms and firearms with the scatter property.
Barbarianscannot start with proficiency in firearms unless already given from another class, archetype, feat or special training, unless otherwise approved by the DM.
Bardssidearms, muskets, rifles and carbines.
Druidscannot be proficient in firearms, as they are always made from metal in some measure. The DM can make exceptions to this. A character that multiclasses into a druid with proficiency in firearms can only do so if the DM approves it.
Fighterslongarms and sidearms.
Monkssidearms, but they do not count as monk weapons.
Sorcerers, Warlocks, and Wizardspistols, sawn-off shotguns, dragoons, and flintlock pistols.
Paladinslongarms and sidearms. Paladins can use firearms for Divine Smite, Improved Divine Smite, and any spells that would require them to take an attack with a melee weapon before taking effect, but you must be within at least 10 feet of the creature attacked to do so.
Rangerslongarms and sidearms.
Roguessidearms, muskets, wheellock guns, carbines, and rifles.
Bloodhunterlongarms and sidearms. Bloodhunters can use firearms for Crimson Rite, Primal Rite, Esoteric Rite and any spells that would require them to take an attack with a melee weapon before taking effect, but you must be within at least 10 feet of the creature attacked to do so.
Absolutely. I'll have a sheet to you in the next couple days.
@BlazingFox, @Acetwinelf, @Harbinger: Can you have your characters ready by 8:00 pm GMT+10:00 next Sunday (countdown link)? I'll be starting two days later, and would like to review your sheets beforehand. And if you guys are finished before then, then I can start earlier.
I've put up a poll with regards to proposed alignment changes, so if you are in this campaign, please vote. If you wish to not vote, then that will count as a DM vote.
Grats on hitting your minimum players!

Here is your forum:
Can be lime green for your colour, but for my notes it will count as green. You'll soon see why :P
Does it have to be green or can it be lime green?

If not lime green, then yellow. 🤣🤣
This looks fun, I'd like a spot if one is open

There is indeed a couple of confirmed spots open, with a third spot being a maybe. Which of the available colours would you like?
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